Monday, 28 November 2011

Days 23-25: A break in Bogotà (0 kms)

Three and a half days doesn't sound like a long time to wait, but Girag did everything in their power to stretch things out and disinform us about the real status of the bikes. The wait seemed much longer. (I won't go into detail here but I would not recommend this company to other overlanders; I'll put a more detailed report on ADV Rider.)

Notwithstanding the Girag downer we had a great and productive time in Bogota. It is a truly cosmopolitan city, if a little glum due to the weather which seems to consist of a constant threat of heavy rain.

Estelle and Camillo showed us tremendous hospitality with frequent tasty meals, a great bike ride along the Sunday Cyclovia through town, and some museums. Most of all they opened their home to us and it was a truly relaxing place to stay. Nathan was able to replace his luggage boxes with a significant upgrade at an excellent motorcycle shop.

A highlight was a house party on the Saturday night at a friend of Estelle's called Patricia. Her beautiful home had some unique architectural elements.

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