Friday, 25 November 2011

Day 17: Nicaragua, and into Costa Rica (357 kms)

After contemplating retracing our steps of last night to find Nathan's luggage, we decided to push on. Nathan spoke to a local motorcycle riding group convening for their weekly ride and they quickly convinced him that there was no chance of recovering the lost items.

We spent the morning in town so Nathan could cancel his credit and bank cards and then headed for Managua and southern Nicaragua. As it was Sunday, the roads were quiet. We lost the Panamericana at some point an ended up driving through central Managua. Once we rejoined the highway, I particularly enjoyed riding up into the mountains and then right along the ridge line; it was as if we were driving down the country's spine.

Throughout the day we saw people going about their typical Sunday activities: church, baseball, family gatherings. Although we spent only a day in the country we both had a very favourable impression.

We crossed into Costa Rica late in the day and pushed on for another 75 kms in growing darkness. After yesterday's misadventure, I felt some unease but we reached Liberia without incident and check in to a very nice hotel (for once).

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