Monday, 7 November 2011

Day 6: Laredo to Montemorales (450 kms)

Nathan and I learned some good lessons today: what to do when you get separated (the guy behind should stop and wait for the lead to return); how much to trust the maps in my GPS in Mexico (not a lot). In the former situation, we involved the police. In the latter, we ended up on an animal track. It was still a good day of riding but more dramatic than necessary. By comparison crossing the border was forgettable. We did get cool stickers to put on our windows.

After losing Nathan, I found an off duty police officer called Carlos (actually he found me) and he then helped me find Nathan. Carlos had lived in the US until a year before and was one of the "new generation" of police. He was genuinely worried for me and worried that I would misinterpret his assistance. When we were reunited, we invited him to dinner. He was hesitant to accept; he didn't help us for his own benefit. Anyway we all went for a big dinner of fajitas. Carlos told us his plans to take steroids and get bulky, to acquire a pitbull, to post a new profile photo to Facebook with his new "cowboy" police uniform, and of his love for his gun.

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