Monday, 7 November 2011

Day 10: visiting the ruins at Palenque and to Campeche (387kms)

Next morning we were awakened by howler monkeys. This followed a dubious night cacophony from the neighbouring campers. (Those same campers then told Nathan that the monkey symphony couldn't possibly be real and must be taped sounds of lions and tigers!)

My first experience at Mayan ruins was impressive. The Palenque site is well worth a visit. The cluster of a palace, temples, games field, aqueduct, and funerary pyramid was situated on the side of a steep jungle hill. We spent some time slowly wandering around early in the morning before the crowds got too heavy.

We had a swim in the pool and a light lunch and then hit the road for Campeche. We didn't have a specific destination intended, but thought there might be something interesting around the ruins at Xpujil. One of Nathan's headlights burnt out and so once darkness fell we stopped in the town of Becan. There was a roadhouse in town, but also a place to camp. We chose the latter and it worked out perfectly as it was more like a family homestay than an impersonal campsite. Our hosts prepared a quick meal of sandwiches and coffee and we ate with them and some friends al fresco. Nathan then fixed his light in the carport and I went to bed early.

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  1. Love getting your posts Sam. So interesting ... the trip looks amazing. Hope you guys are doing a few yoga stretches!