Monday, 7 November 2011

Day 7: via Tampica to Tamiahua (612 kms)

We left Montemorelos at dawn and came across the scrub land and down to the coast at Tampico. The wind gust were the main feature of the ride. We were heading for south of Casitas, trying to make up some time from yesterday.

Once we came to Tampico, we followed the highway through town instead of taking the bypass. It took a long time, and we got lost. It started to rain once we were clear of the city and we stop to adjust our gear. Stephane from Montreal was having a cerveza in the roadhouse. He was riding a KLR solo south, with no rigid schedule. He was not enjoying rainy season. We pushed on, but soon it was threatening to get dark. So we took a tertiary road out to the coast planning to camp on the beach. It took a little longer to reach the coast because of the quality if the road, and so once we were reached Tamiahua it was fully dark and still raining. We found a hotel run by a man called Rene. We both really enjoyed getting off the main route, the bikes are made for that kind of riding.

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