Saturday, 12 November 2011

Day 15: to Playa El Tunco, El Salvador (287 kms)

A relatively short day of very pleasant riding, punctuated by a painful border crossing from Guatemala into El Salvador. We joined up with the Panamericano highway for the first time just south of the bustling town of Esquintla. Descending towards the coast the heat rose steadily. At the border, there was chaos on the Guatemalan side and then glacial, but incorruptible service on the Salvadorean side. Overall, nearly three hours passed before we were untangled. The only consolation was that we flew by compared to four Aussie blokes who'd had some essential papers stolen and were on an even slower piste. (We had a beer together that evening.)

Once in El Salvador, we left the Panamericano again and headed for one of the best motorcycling roads I've ever been on: El Salvador's CA-2. This road clings to the cliffs and follows beaches of the Pacific coast north of La Liberdad. The route passes through little fishing villages that seem also to cater equally to Salvadorean tourists and surfers. Our final stop was the beach at El Tunco, a serious surfer enclave. We arrived just in time for sundowners.


  1. Nath: I've heard many people are willing to lend their second surfboards. You just gotta ask.

  2. It's taken me a while but i finally found your blog and have just the whole thing to date while drinking my Saturday morning coffee. I'm absolutely loving reading about your travels. Definitely keep looking ahead.
    The total armchair traveller