Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sam's bike

I've had my new machine for a few weeks now, but finally getting around to posting a pic now. It's a 2009 Suzuki DL-650 (wee Strom). Just under 18k kms now, with only 1000 or of those by me -- not too much riding this spring in Ottawa. With a few trips planned before October (e.g., a four day loop on Lab Hwy, a Jays game in Cleveland, Day 1 of Peter's ride to Cinci), I suspect the total for 2011 will be about 35k kms, including the Americas ride.

While I was not riding, I put on some farkles. This is the first time I've set up a bike with so much attention. I guess previous experience makes you more choosy: taller and adjustable windscreen; aux xenon driving lights and halogen fog lights (both Hella Micro DEs); heated grips; centre stand; brackets for my Hepco Becker boxes; skid plate (not shown); radiator guard; perm air filter. She came with crash bars and brush guards. I'll also put some handle bar risers, a voltage meter, and play around with the seat configuration and tires. Other than that, we're ready for some long rides.