Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day 11: Becan and Belize (392 kms)

We breakfasted with our "host family" and then went off to see the ruins near town. In some ways, this was my favourite Mayan site as we had the entire grounds to ourselves with one other couple. After exploring the site and climbing two of the temples, we headed out into Quinan Roo state. Crossing into Belize was simple, but hot.

We had a nice ride across this tiny country. In scale, the place reminded me of Tonga. The people, a diverse bunch, are just as friendly too. We had intended to bypass the capital city, Belize City, but took a wrong turn and ended up passing through. It took only 10 mins or so to see traverse this town of 70,000 residents.

We spent the night at the Midas Resort in San Ignacio near the Guatemala border. We were camping but made full use of the pool. So much so that by the time we were ready to eat something all the restos were closed for the day.

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