Monday, 28 November 2011

Day 26: Back in the road (329 kms)

After a full morning of waiting at the aduana (customs) and then for Girag, we finally got the machines just before noon. After a little routine maintenance and work to fix some minor but irritating damage from the transit, we were back on the road. Bogota traffic is intense and it took us more than ninety minutes to fight our way across the city and join the autopista sur.

Even once we found the road, progress was slow: Colombia is not a flat country. But the scenery is spectacular. Because of a rain induced landslide on the main road connecting Cali to the south (these happen almost daily at this time of year and are intensely covered by Colombian TV) we went through Neiva, a town of 300,000 in south-central Colombia. The route largely followed the Magdelena River, which flows alternately in narrow canyons and broad valleys.

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