Friday, 25 November 2011

Day 20: to Cuidad de Panama (384 kms)

There was a speeding crackdown in Panama on the day we passed through. It seemed as though there was a cop every 5kms standing in the shade next to his motorbike, holding a radar gun in one hand and talking to his girlfriend on a cell phone in the other. Nathan got busted for doing 84 in a 40 zone. It was bogus, but we played it cool. The cop desperately wanted a bribe and grudgingly issued a ticket when it became obvious none was forthcoming (since losing his wallet Nathan doesn't have any cash). The best part of the interaction was when the the cop took a cellphone photo of the radar gun showing "84" with N's bike's license plate in the background. This photo was then sent by text message to HQ. Apparently the person at the other end dropped the ball since the subject never came up when we exported the bikes!

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