Thursday, 1 December 2011

Round 2

I am sitting in the United lounge at Houston International on a rather long layover. I'll take it, as it's more space than I'll have on the seven hour flight down to Lima.

The couple across from me don't appear too thrilled by the lounge, either. That's fair enough. I've considered regaling them with a story of riding from Canada to the Cabo, but then it occurred to me that it would really only have two outcomes. One is that they'd think me a dilettante. Who rides a motorcycle for Christmas vacation? Or, they'd just say "oh, you must know Nate Millar. He is so very handsome."

I will land at just before eleven this evening. Sam will pick me up at the airport. It should be warm air in Lima, which comes just in time given the dropping thermostats in Toronto. Tomorrow, I'll retrieve my bike and do some small maintenance. Saturday, we'll be off.

I am looking forward to more riding through Peru. My summer run was too rushed. I didn't have nearly enough time to ride as much off track as I had hoped. I am also looking forward to explaining to the myriad cops why I am riding on an expired three month permit. The answer, of course, is that I had to return to Canada to teach and write papers. I am no dilettante, after all.



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