Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Day 35: to Lima and Peter's arrival (565 kms)

A serious ride lay ahead if we wanted to reach Lima before dark. We were on the road at 6am. It was raining by 6:15. As we climbed higher out of the valley where San Luis lay, it grew colder and colder. And then sure enough, around 4200 meters the rain turned to snow. It even started to accumulate on the stones and grass. We stopped for a photo, but riding in the snow is only fun for 2 minutes and then you're just cold. With more dirt single track, our progress was very slow; by breakfast at 9:30 time we had only covered 70 kms. Fortunately by then we were back in the tar.

The rest of the ride was more of the same: spectacular. We reached the outskirts of Lima just before dusk, and then spent an hour stuck in traffic. I finally collected Peter at the airport around midnight. The next phase of the trip started with his observation: "just flying into Lima where my friend will pick me up and we'll ride for a month. No big deal."

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