Sunday, 25 December 2011

Day 43: Reaching La Paz (132 kms)

After clearing Bolivian immigration, we started the chilly ride into La Paz. I was following Nathan and my brakes were feeling soft. We rode quickly on the flat, open, traffic-free highway. His tail light was obscured with our small bag of trash from the previous night's dinner. That combination led me to hit a bumpy rail crossing much harder than intended. Bit of a scare.

We reached El Alto outside La Paz around 11:30. It took another hour to fight 20kms across the entire city to the southern barrios. During that time we descended ~800 meters in elevation. Coming around a corner and seeing the entire city spread out is a dramatic sight.

Andrew had set us up in his home and with the local bike shop. I had my tire changed and brakes fixed, and Nathan did a variety of repairs too. Nathan and Peter made the most of the nightlife.

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