Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Day 32: Along the Peruvian coast to Chiclayo (411 kms)

A concentrated and efficient day of riding through the coastal desert. The landscape is stunning but subtle and a little monotonous. Nathan loaned me travel book written by John Steinbeck in which he describes the Navajo desert in some detail and how abundant life is there if you know where to look. A motorcycle is not the best way to observe this desert life and its varied survival tactics.

Particularly when you are moving at 100kms per hour on average. Today was the first time we've made such speedy progress since leaving the U.S.

Upon reaching Chiclayo, we found a restaurant and got our bearings. I fed my emerging ceviche addiction.

We checked into a hostel and spent the evening chatting with some U.S. Peace Corps volunteers. These were new recruits who were preparing logistically and mentally to head out for two years in often very small villages in Peru's hinterland.

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