Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Day 37: A beach house at Paracas (267kms)

We left Lima around 1pm. During the morning we turned the front lot and entrance of our small hotel into a motorcycle workshop. They were happy to see us depart.

We rode along the Costa Verde road out of Lima and then joined the Panamericana without incident. We stopped for a late lunch on the beach just beyond the southern outskirts of the city.

After another two hours on the highway, I noticed that the Panamericana left the coast just up ahead near the famous town of Pisco. Since we were planning to camp in the desert and as it was late in the day, I thought we should stop to consult on procuring food and how to find a camp site. Just as I was slowing and pulling over I saw three motocross riders coming up on a trail just off the highway. I dismounted and went over to the lead rider, Alfredo. Within instants he had invited us to stay at his beach house 60 minutes further on down the coast. After Nathan confirmed my understanding of the conversation, we accepted eagerly.

The place was amazing: we each had our own bunk room adjacent to the pool. Mine was reserved for caballeros only. Alfredo had several businesses including a pisco distillery, a fish meal factory and mandarin orchards; how's that for the archetype of a Peruvian businessman?!

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