Friday, 24 June 2011

The more things change...

Three years ago, I flew into Africa after a nice conference in Manchester, where I chatted with Peter John. This week and last, I spent time at a conference in Dublin whrere i chatted with Peter and worked with two colleagues in Oxford.

After the 2008 conference, I headed straight into Egypt. Sam and I struggled to free our bikes, and then took off for Cape Town, via Nairobi, among many other places. Now, another week after thinking about political science, I am hopping on a bike to Mexico, then Central America, then Columbia and Ecuador, finishing in Lima, Peru. I'll ride the rest of the way to Cape Horn in December.

I am on a different bike this time. No more KLR 650s for me, but also no more supersport FJR1300. It will be lots of work to maintain 120 kmh on average, but still possible to hit 150 kmh when the road calls. I bought a new to me 2008 Vstrom yesterday. I am looking forward to stretching it out on the highway.

Keep looking ahead.

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