Monday, 31 October 2011

Day 3: To Bald Point State Park, FL (932 kms)

I broke camp at dawn and walked off the beach as the sun was rising out of the Atlantic.

There is a series of coastal ferries in North Carolina and taking one would save me backtracking 60kms or so, but I had no information on the schedule. Happily, and seemingly for the first time in my motorcycling career, I arrived at the ferry terminal with four minutes remaining before the 08:30 departure and rolled right on the vessel. The crossing was 30 mins and I spoke the entire time with one of the crewmembers who conveyed facts about the civil war, opinions on seabirds, advice on driving routes and stories about dogsledding near Banff.

After disembarking, I crossed SC and Georgia. As with so many days of riding I contemplated stopping before the intended destination, but as I crossed the state line into Florida I got a second wind. Nearing the Gulf Coast I stopped for dinner at a seafood restaurant; it made me think of previous trips with Yuri and the Barking Crab in Boston and catfish in Louisiana.

Finally, I did the last hit to Bald Point. Like last night, the park was shuttered, but I've found a secluded public beach access and I'll pitch tent here for the night.

Life on the road.

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