Sunday, 10 July 2011

Waiting it out in Panama

I apologize to those expecting regular updates. I've had a time getting down to Panama, where I arrived after riding hard for 13 of 14 days. I am now cooling my heels at panama passage (a sort of Jungle Junction East), waiting for the bike to fly to Cali, Colombia on Wednesday. I'll precede it by a day.

Once in Colombia, I have some six days, including Monday, to make it to Lima in time for my flight back to North America, 2 am on Tuesday. I am counting on only four days, leaving 600 kms of mostly twisty riding per day.

I expect this to be much like the first two weeks of the trip: often disagreeable in weather, almost always enjoyable and physical riding, much of the time very solitary but not really lonely, and constantly a source of future reward. I'll be doing it on a bike which has yet to disappoint, and with enough experience in tight spots that I think I can make it through.

I promise I'll write more later, likely on the flight home.

Keep looking ahead.

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